Continuous queries with Casks

Cask support for Streaming Queries

Cask exposes streaming endpoints for all created casks to allowing querying of casks using both streaming and non-streaming TaxiQL semantics e.g.

{ findAll/findOne Type[] }
{ stream Type }

When a stream query is served by cask, initially all matching rows in the cask are returned the time the query is received. The running query then remains 'live' within cask and Vyne.

Cask then monitors the data source for any additions and modifications to records, and emits the changes on the stream to Vyne.

Cask Streaming Query Configuration

The streaming query syntax is supported in Vyne from version 0.19.0.

Support for streaming casks is automatic and enabled by default in Cask version 0.19.0 but can be enabled/disabled with the following configuration setting.

    enabled: true # [true|false] default = true