Taxi Type

Core Vyne Entity, (e.g. Customer, Order, Trade, etc.) Refer to Taxi for more information.

Taxi File

Taxi Schema

Single or multiple files defining types and models used in your company (e.g. Orders, Trades, etc.) Refer to Taxi for more information.

Vyne, Query_Server

Heart of the system.

Provides data query API. e.g. findAll { demo.Broker1Order[] } as demo.CommonOrder

If data for requested type is reachable it will automatically perform all the requests, aggregation and projection.


Maintains copy of Taxi files and distributes any changes to all the Vyne components.


Read Cache. Exposes API for data ingestion and automatically exposes it as as service via Vyne.


Ingestion pipeline - it automatically reads your data (e.g. from Kafka topic) and pushes it to Cask for ingestion.

Pipeline Definition

Description of the pipeline (e.g. source definition, topic names, target type, cask instance, etc.)

Pipeline Orchestrator

Service holding all the pipeline definitions. Exposes admin UI for managing pipelines and their state.


Service discovery. Refer here for more info.


In memory data grid Used by Vyne to replicate Taxi Schema among all the components.