0.19.1 is a patch release, containing one new feature.

Taxi version

The Taxi version has changed in this release, new version is 1.30.5.

New Features

String replace function

This release of Vyne brings support for the String replace function, recently added to Taxi lang.

replace(String, String, String)
Replaces the contents of the provided String, returning a new String
      Accepts three args:
       * String: The string to search
       * String: The string to search for
       * String: The string to use as a replacement

Example usage

model Actor {
    actorName : ActorName
    anotherName : String by replace(this.actorName, "TEXT_TO_REPLACE", "REPLACEMENT_TEXT")

Column type change in Cask tables

cask_message now stores references to LOB data as oid. This enables usage of the vacuumlo Postgres utility ( see https://www.postgresql.org/docs/12/vacuumlo.html ) to remove orphaned large object from cask postgres database.